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A New Mager Six-Pack

Considered to be the reference library for educators, trainers, or anyone serious about improving performance, The New Mager Six-Pack contains six famous “how-to” handbooks. From providing a strong…


Analyzing Performance Problems

If you’ve ever been told, or have said “We’ve got a training problem,” or “They could do it if they really wanted to,” this book is for you. A Robert Mager and Peter Pipe best-seller, Analyzing…


Goal Analysis

Dealing with abstract goals is a regular part of our jobs as education and training professionals. People have goals to be achieved through instruction, but they often express them in vague, abstract terms….


How To Turn Learners On

Students should enjoy what they are learning. They should be excited to use their new skills and eager to learn more. Robert Mager’s How to Turn Learners On… Without Turning Them Off gives you the…


Life In The Pinball Machine

Follow along as Mager reveals the experiences that led to the CRI methodology, more than ten best-selling books, and a mind-boggling and unusual array of talents and hobbies!


Making Instruction Work

Designed to help you create and implement courses that achieve your teaching objectives, Making Instruction Work is a must for anyone in the business of teaching others. This practical book outlines numerous…


Making Schools Work

This book is your opportunity to find out where the schools have lost their way, and what you can do to get them to make improvements. In this engaging series of conversations between a very bright fifth-grader and his dad, you will learn exactly what can, and should, be done to produce students who can actually do what they need to be able to do to become educated, responsible, and successful adults.

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Measuring Instructional Results

How can you know if your students have learned what you set out to teach them? Measuring the results of instruction and determining if your objectives have been achieved is the only way. In clear, jargon-free…


Preparing Instructional Objectives

A Bob Mager classic! Before you prepare instruction, it is important to be able to clearly state what the desired outcomes of that instruction should be. In the largest selling book ever written on this…


Troubleshooting the Troubleshooting Course

This book is about how to detect differences between what IS and what OUGHT TO BE taught in courses. It is for experienced troubleshooters who are either teaching …