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Life In The Pinball Machine

Follow along as Mager reveals the experiences that led to the CRI methodology, more than ten best-selling books, and a mind-boggling and unusual array of talents and hobbies!


Making Schools Work

This book is your opportunity to find out where the schools have lost their way, and what you can do to get them to make improvements. In this engaging series of conversations between a very bright fifth-grader and his dad, you will learn exactly what can, and should, be done to produce students who can actually do what they need to be able to do to become educated, responsible, and successful adults.

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Troubleshooting the Troubleshooting Course

This book is about how to detect differences between what IS and what OUGHT TO BE taught in courses. It is for experienced troubleshooters who are either teaching …


What Every Manager Should Know About Training

A Robert Mager bestseller! This clearly written, witty, and easy-to-read book is a terrific tool for helping managers see your services as an important resource for improving job performance, not just…