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Our Consortium

The dictionary calls a consortium "any association, partnership, or union." Mager Consortium is a partnership of certified, skilled practitioners that have lived the value of implementing Dr. Robert Mager's contributions to human performance in the workplace which have been implemented all over the world. We have all been certified to provide training built on his works.

Mager Consortium is dedicated to providing services and instruction in the performance improvement field. Though Dr. Mager and Eileen W. Mager authorize Mager Consortium to use his name in the title of our company, Dr. Mager is in no way responsible for Mager Consortium ownership, management, or operations.


We believe that Dr. Mager's works have a much broader application and can benefit far more people than they have been allowed to when there was one sole provider of his works. Now that more people can present his workshops and provide his materials, we want every workplace in which humans perform to benefit from the availability of his practical, scientifically based tools and systems to improve performance in the workplace.

We will provide those opportunities through innovation, flexiblity, partnering with you, and very competitive pricing.

Partnering With You

The highly skilled team members of Mager Consortium are able to find solutions that are tailored to your needs. Along with presenting the complete, original workshops in their entirety, we have developed innovative applications to those workshops to fit the needs found in entire human workplace experience.

If you need one of our richly experienced teams to augment your internal efforts, being a consortium means that we can draw on the expertise of the entire consulting world to work with us to your benefit. We value strategic alliances with experienced partners in order to find the best solution for you.

In short, let's work together to find the best solution for you at the best price:value ratio!