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CEP World Wide Going out of business

by / Wednesday, 28 May 2014 / Published in News

For years CEP Worldwide has provided professionals across the world the ability to create and deliver transformational training programs leading to competitive advantage. CEP Worldwide is a performance-consulting firm serving the world’s leading businesses, governments, etc. Unfortunately, CEP Worldwide has announced that it has gone out of business and closed its doors to the public; but this does not mean that your business is left without a performance-training partner.

For many years CEP Worldwide has been offering Mager products to all of its partners and clients. Now that CEP Worldwide is out of business, we invite you to partner with the professionals at Mager Consortium. Dr. Mager’s works have benefitted many people and companies thus far. Mager Consortium continues to teach his workshops and provide his products so people can reap the benefits of his years of experience. Mager Consortium will continue the work in the absence of CEP Worldwide by offering the services for which CEP is well known, at lower prices and with greater flexibility.

Mager Consortium is a partnership of certified, skilled practitioners that have lived the value of implementing Dr. Robert Mager’s contributions to performance in the workplace. We are all certified to provide training built on Dr. Mager’s works. Our team is dedicated to providing services and instruction in the performance improvement field. There is no one size fits all solution for our services; we work with you to address your team’s needs and we tailor our services to those needs.

Don’t feel like you are left without a partner now that CEP Worldwide is out of business. Mager Consortium is here to help you and your team with all of your workplace performance needs. We have a wealth of experience and look forward to working with you.

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