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Mager Consortium is All About Performance

For training & other human performance improvement...

We teach them how to design and develop performance-based training.

We can also coach them on the job, or provide consulting services in training projects.

For special projects …

When the Training Dept is over-loaded, or a project comes up that involves skills that the current department doesn’t have available.

We can consult, coach, or take on the project for you.

For employees throughout the organization...

If they need skills, we develop appropriate training for them, or help your training people develop it.

If, for some reason, they aren’t performing as desired, we analyze the situation, diagnose the problem(s), and describe the appropriate remedies – or we can teach you how to do that.

And we design – or teach you how to design – those remedies.

And what is all of this based upon?

The work of psychologist Dr. Robert Mager, who developed a system of improving human performance that works. It has a long, successful track record. It’s called “Criterion-Referenced Instruction” (CRI) or “Performance-Based Instruction.”

CRI is performance-based, not subject matter-based, so people learn and practice exactly what they need to do their jobs. The result is most CRI-type training takes far less time to go through than traditionally-developed training. And the trainees are able to perform up to standard on day #1 of the job – There is NO learning curve. Results of the training are guaranteed.

Mager Consortium teaches...

We teach the performance-based methodology in workshops authored by Dr. Mager and his like-minded colleagues, Peter Pipe, Eileen Mager, Dan Raymond, Rex Conner and Dr. Tracey Wheeler.

Workshops can be public or in-house, and your own trainers can be certified by Mager Consortium to facilitate the workshops internally.

"Your Partners in Becoming a Performance Based Organization."