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Making Schools Work

Dr. Mager lends insight to parents from his unique perspective, combining the science of learning with common sense. From his ability to view the world of education through the eyes of a student, parents can find understanding, ideas, and solutions to help their children and the schools they attend.

"This book is your opportunity to find out where the schools have lost their way, and what you can do to get them to make improvements. In this engaging series of conversations between a very bright fifth-grader and his dad, you will learn exactly what can, and should, be done to produce students who can actually do what they need to be able to do to become educated, responsible, and successful adults.

Armed with the information in this book, you can make a difference with suggestions that are known to work, and won't break the bank."
-Bob Mager 

Terrific book. Crisp, clear, engaging, and useful. I have already recommended it at two conferences and will continue to do so.

- Roger Kaufman, Ph.D., CPT, ABPP
Working with Dr. Dianne McCune in the development of effective lesson plans to satisfy the new 'Common Core Standards,' I found Dr. Mager's new book to be an outstanding arrow, pinpointing education's weaknesses. Not only did it give us a broad blueprint of the current problems, but offered effective, primary solutions clothed in intelligent and memorable humor.

Every parent and school board needs this book's awakening and guidance.

- Col. Rodney L. Cron

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