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Innovation: Mager Consortium Meets Flashpoint Productions

Whether you are using an innovative technology for delivery or just an old-fasioned printed page, the training developed using Criterion-Referenced Instuction (CRI) can be delivered through ANY training delivery method. It provides the most scientifically founded method for developing any training.

When you need innovation infused into delivering that training, we have a strategic alliance with Flashpoint Productions to provide that for you. Video productions, video streaming, spokespersons appearing on your computer screen independent of the software that's running, and any number of innovative approaches to delivery are available to you. Let's coordinate that together.

Additional training on the delivery method that you use is a part of all of the Mager Consortium workshops. If it is blended, instructor-led, self-paced, e-learning, distance learning, webcast, podcast, webinar, or any other delivery method, the Mager Consortium workshops have addressed it.