What if Common Sense Was Common Practice in Business?

WHO KNEW… that most of the negative energy people experience in the workplace has one root cause and you can do something about it?

WHO KNEW… “People join companies, but then they leave their boss?”

WHO KNEW… there is a better way than doing the verbal tango during a job interview to match an applicant with the requirements for a job?

WHO KNEW… you could consistently communicate more clearly than fuzzy directions, like “be a team player”, “provide world-class customer service”, “be a great leader”?

YOU DID… you know all of these and the other blinding flashes of the obvious covered in this book, but now there is a book that gives a voice to your common sense,

AND… gives you the tools to do something about it!

While the book’s description of common sense violations will be familiar to you, THE BIGGEST REVELATION might be that first point – the root of most workplace negativity.