At Mager Consortium (MaCon)

We use our vast experience with the proven tools and processes from Dr. Robert Mager’s CRI Methodology to help you develop any component(s) you need to establish a Common Performance Language™ and one seamless People Performance System™. Our competitive pricing and working relationship demonstrates that we want to be your partner, not just a vendor.

Below are a few of our customized solutions we developed with some of our partners:

Consolidation of Instructional Design

Southwest Airlines had multiple systems and methods for training their employees. MaCon partnered with Southwest to establish a common training philosophy and system by certifying and training the company’s instructional designers as Certified Instructional Technologists (CIT). The first project after certification was to completely rework the outdated training program for Flight Attendants. This conversion has had positive sweeping effects in time, effectiveness and cost savings.

"As we make the investment to get our people processes speaking the same language, Mager Consortium took the time to understand our needs up-front and is following-up even after their contracted work is completed."

Dan Duren
Director of Learning Strategy & Analysis
Southwest Airlines University

Strategic Design

American Honda Motors wanted to return to the basic training fundamentals included in Mager’s CRI system, and asked MaCon to help. Rather than simply training the current designers and trainers, MaCon worked with Honda to customize ways to better utilize CRI and other tools to best meet the needs of the training team.

"When we asked Mager Consortium to provide us with training for some of our new instructors, we were a little surprised at the number of probing questions they asked us. We thought our Technical Training model had served us well for almost 3 decades and that we knew what we wanted. True to their core, Mager Consortium resisted our attempt to "get training," and instead stepped in with a totally customized approach that gave us exactly what we needed to re-evaluate our current needs and update critical processes."

John Eaglesham
Assistant Manager of Technical Training Operations
American Honda Motor Co.

Establishing a Common Performance Language

In one of Intuit’s primary products there were 4 different business units each using its own system to train. This created great inefficiencies and they were not able to measure the effectiveness of the training. MaCon was brought in to establish Mager’s CRI as the one cohesive training methodology and Common Performance Language. MaCon and Intuit worked together to develop training for the skills that were common across the 4 units, and to update the training that was unique to each. Using CRI brought the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the training that only CRI can provide.

"Mager Consortium works with us to leverage the most out of the CRI methodology. In addition to converting our training, they are teaching us how to improve the processes to recruit the right people and to retain our high value associates."

Michael Barton
Instructional Design Manager

Identification of Training Needs

First Command Financial Services turned to Dr. Mager’s CRI Methodology to revise the onboarding, training, and evaluation of their new Financial Advisors. The initial analysis showed key skill gaps for which new training was developed and their entire People Performance System was realigned to reap the benefit of the new process. The result was an immediate 55% increase in production by their new advisors: thus increasing their revenue, commissions and retention. All of which resulted in millions of dollars annually in company profit.