Workshop Descriptions

Mager Consortium utilizes Mager’s CRI and other ground breaking workshops listed below to meet the needs of our clients. Please review the workshops available and then give us a call to review your needs and how best we can customize a program for you and your organization. Additionally our Implementation Coaching assists you to not only learn the Mager methodology, but be able to fully implement it within your organization.


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The complete flagship workshop developed by Dr. Mager. The skills taught in this self-paced workshop continue to be the foundation for analysis, design, and developing courses, curricula and workplace performance systems.

Presentation/Duration: Self-paced, 5-7 days
Individual price: $2,400

In this self-paced workshop, instructional designers learn the powerful Mager Methodology for developing performance-based training lessons/modules that result in measureable skills required in the workplace.

Presentation/Duration: Self-paced, 3-5 days
Individual price: $2,100

In addition to learning the analysis skills taught in the CRI Workshop, this self-paced workshop authored by Dr. Mager provides practical and immediately useful tools for supervising and supporting the training function of any size.

Presentation/Duration: Self-paced, 4-5 days
Individual price: $2,100

Authored by Mrs. Eileen Mager, this instructor-led workshop provides presentation skills and the CRI-based design model for creating a performance-based classroom that replaces knowledge tests with skill checks to demonstrate new skills.

Presentation/Duration: Instructor-led, 3-4 days
Individual price: $1,900

There are processes to determine when a job aid is needed, the proper blend of job aid/training required, the type of job aid needed, the format and material to choose. Better job aids may be the most important performance improvement tools at your disposal. You can reduce or even eliminate training with well-designed job aids.

Presentation/Duration: Self-paced, 2.5 days

Individual price: $1,000

This workshop contains the analysis and design tools from Dr. Mager’s CRI Workshop.

They serve as the foundation for addressing every aspect of human performance in the workplace as well as being the prerequisites for many other workshops.

Presentation/Duration: Self-paced, 3-4 days
Individual price: $1,900

This workshop is designed for YOU to present to YOUR company to create a common performance language and to orient non-training managers to the performance tools at their disposal. It includes the materials for the instructor and the participants.
Presentation/Duration: Instructor-led, 1 day

Instructor package price: $400
Participant package price: $99

In the real world if you don’t always have time to develop training like you want, or you aren’t an instructional designer, but still have to develop training, this CRI-based workshop trains you to develop effective performance-based training utilizing job aids and structured on-the-job training in minimum time.

Presentation/Duration: Self-paced, 3 days
Individual price: $1,500
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