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What if Common Sense Was Common Practice in Business?

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Consulting >>


Our experienced Performance Consultants work with you to optimize all work processes that involve human performance through Dr. Mager's CRI applications.

Workshops >>


Dr. Mager's original workshops are available in their entirety, along with 7 additional workshops that cover all aspect of human performance in the workplace.

Publications >>


All of the current versions of Dr. Mager's instructional design books and workshop materials, including the world renown Mager Six Pack, are available here.

Temporary Instructional Design Team >>


Temporarily hire one, or a full team of Instructional Designers/ Developers to get your projects done in the time-frame you need. This can be a cost-effective alternative to increasing the size of your team or "borrowing" other team members from their important projects.

"Your Partners in Becoming a Performance Based Organization."