What is the Value of Certification?

Individuals who have earned the CIT designation say they:

  • are more confident in their job
  • are recognized as a skilled professional by peers and leadership
  • are more effective and accomplish tasks quicker
  • are sought after by clients who want it done right the first time
  • have experienced salary increases, promotions and new job opportunities
  • have enhanced sense of pride and personal accomplishment
  • stand out among their peers


Why Is the CIT Program Different and Better Than Other Programs?

  • Dr. Mager’s and Peter Pipe’s criterion-referenced instruction (CRI) model is the most widely recognized instructional model in the world. It has a proven track record for over 40 years.
  • People who have completed the CIT program can do what they say on their resumes. They have a record of demonstrated competence and performance.
  • The CIT Certification is not awarded for attending a one or two-day workshop. It is not based on successfully completing multiple-choice exams. It is results-based. Individuals must create products that meet specific criterion in each of the 44 different skill sets mastered in the CIT Program.


How Do I Earn the CIT Certification?

  • You must complete written and oral skill checks for each of the 44 skills mastered in the Criterion-Referenced Instruction (CRI), Instructional Module Development (IMD, and Building Better Job Aids (BBJA) Workshops.


Will My CIT Skills Help Me Work Toward the ISPI CPT or ATD CPLP Designations?

  • A resounding YES! The CIT Program skill sets support many of the ten standards of Performance Technology required for the ISPI Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation and the nine areas of expertise in the ATD Competency Model for the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) designation.