PA Flowchart & Worksheet (package of 24)


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The Performance Analysis Flowchart & Worksheet is an excellent tool for identifying feasible solutions to performance problems. Designed by Robert Mager and Peter Pipe, this easy-to-use worksheet takes you step by step through the performance analysis process.

This version of the Performance Analysis Flowchart & Worksheet incorporates Mager and Pipe’s latest updates to the performance analysis process, making it more comprehensive and easier to use than ever before. The worksheet features a full-size flowchart on the inside cover that outlines the process. The flowchart is followed by a series of simple “fill in the blank” questions that guide you through your analysis. You will identify the cause of your problem, its cost, and feasible solutions.

The worksheet is an excellent stand-alone resource that can also be used in conjunction with the other products Mager Consortium offers to help clients solve performance problems. These products are invaluable for helping you find solutions to performance problems and can also be used as materials for teaching performance analysis to others.

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